Diesel vs Gas Trucks – Pros and Cons

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Drivers in Amber love their trucks, but that doesn’t mean they all agree on whether gas or diesel trucks are better. There are several factors to consider in the whole diesel vs. gas truck debate. Where do you fall? If you’ve not yet decided, fortunately, the folks at John Holt Auto Group, Inc. are here to help you figure it out! Here are some of the main pros and cons between diesel vs. gas trucks. Ready to find your next diesel or gas truck in Chickasha or nearby? Shop our new Silverado inventory online now!

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks – Gas Mileage

Drivers who put a lot of highway miles on their vehicles will find gas mileage to be a huge factor when deciding to buy diesel vs gas trucks. Pros and cons can weigh in favor of either choice, but this can be a big one for fleet owners, considering that diesel engines can be 25% to 30% more fuel efficient than gas engines. This advantage is less pronounced in city driving, though. So if you mostly just tool around in %target_city_2%%, this may not be that big of a deal to you.

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks – Longevity

Diesel trucks tend to last twice as long sometimes as gas trucks, some going for 500,000 miles or more. This is partly due to diesel fuel acting as a lubricant on the engine, reducing wear and tear.

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks – Upfront Cost

Expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars less for a gas truck than a diesel truck. This is an important factor to consider when weighing the diesel vs. gas trucks pros and cons. But check out our new vehicle specials to make sure you’re getting the best deal, regardless of whether you opt for a gasoline-powered pickup or a diesel model. 

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks – Repair Costs

Another financial factor to consider when weighing the diesel vs. gas trucks pros and cons is related to repair costs. Repairs on a gas truck are generally less expensive than on a diesel truck. This is yet another factor to consider when deciding which option is more economical.

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks – Environmental Impact

Carbon dioxide emissions are 40% lower from a diesel vs. gas truck. Newer diesel engines also filter out particulate matter, unlike gasoline engines.

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks – Torque

If you’re planning on pulling a trailer around Norge, consider a diesel truck. Diesel engines have more torque than gasoline engines, meaning better performance when pulling a load.

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks – Horsepower

Gas trucks have on average 50 more horsepower than diesel trucks. So, consider a gas truck if acceleration is important to you.

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks – Resale Value

Because diesel trucks last longer than gas trucks, they depreciate at a slower rate. That means their resale value is generally higher than gas trucks.

Check Out the Diesel and Gas Trucks at John Holt Auto Group, Inc. of Chickasha

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